About Jianglin

Brand Story

Jianglin Group was founded in 1996, focuses on producing high quality plumbing products, Providing advanced clean and safe energy solutions for more than 30 countries in the world, aiming to provide continuous energy and power for life.

The brand founder takes the big river and the forest as the moral, hope Jianglin enterprise can live and develop unceasingly like the nature;JustLink is simply “made for connection”. It connects energy with products, customers with quality. , JustLink provides customers with the best solutions,together with business partners.

Jianglin Group now has more than 600 employees, more than 100 customers from all over the world, including kohler, B&Q and other first-line brands, Jianglin’s products include: flexible hose, shower hose, corrugated gas connector, gas valves and so on.With professional knowledge and more than 20 years of experience, Jianglin’s excellent team is committed to know the needs of customers, provide solutions, and manufacture superior quality products.

Brand Core Value

Jianglin continues to pursue excellence, and always reminds us to put morality first, for the sake of customers, employees, partners and the public, in order to achieve sustainable development.

1.Insist on the principle of  Customer First

All products have a normal service life of three years,the products can be replaced or repaired from the original date of shipment.

2.Respect Employees’ Rights

Emphasis on employee benefits, stimulate their potential, and maximize the value of employees under the premise of enterprise value maximization.

3.Growing With Customers

We value partnerships, listen to the views of all parties, and share the value of growth.

4.Caring Social Development

Jianglin is making an example to others, promoting environmental awareness in the industry, hoping to contribute to environmental protection and the sustainable energy of nature.